Empowers you to recognize the signs of human trafficking

The URescue mobile app is available for download on all Android devices, empowering you to both recognize and report suspected human trafficking activity. The app's "How to Spot" area lists common signs of trafficking abuse, and gives users detailed information to recognize potential abuse and typical signs associated with illegal trafficking activity. This guide helps you confirm if what you are seeing aligns with common signs of trafficking.

Enables you to quickly and easily report suspected trafficking

When you spot suspected trafficking activity, the URescue app's "Make a Report" feature allows you to quickly submit an incident report which goes directly to local authorities who can further investigate. The app automatically logs the GPS location and time of each incident reported, while also allowing you to add any additional information like supporting images, description of the location, as well as describing what you saw, assisting authorities who further investigate leads.

Reports potential trafficking to local authorities to investigate

Reports submitted by the public you are made accessible to local trafficking investigators through a secure and non-public website, allowing them to see exactly when and where activity was reported. Investigators view the details of each report submitted through the mobile app as well as any supporting images that may have been captured. New leads are then analyzed and compared against other similar reports, and used to successfully identify human trafficking activity.

Leads are followed up on to bring perpetrators to justice

Local teams of investigators, trained specifically to recognize and confirm claims of human trafficking activity, use the report information to successfully identify, further investigate and confirm illegal activity. Once trafficking activity has been confirmed, those investigators have the necessary relationships with local law enforcement and legal authorities who can then take appropriate action to end the human trafficking abuse bring any perpetrators to justice.

Thousands of lives can be saved by empowering everyday citizens

Thousands of lives can be saved as suspected human trafficking activity is consistently reported and that information in put into in the hands of the appropriate authorities. The URescue team is committed to helping to win the war against human trafficking, providing the necessary tools to recognize trafficking and making it quick and easy to report suspected abuse. It is our hope that, in time, everyone will have the URescue application on their mobile phone and nobody will ever have to use it.